BLACK BEE Honey producers

The Finnish Dark Bee Keepers’ Association issued the Black Bee Honey trademark at the occasion of the Finnish nature day on 31 August 2019. The trademark is a sign of our work to preserve the native honeybee species Apis mellifera mellifera on the territory of Finland.

The right to use the trademark is given exclusively to the members of the association, who are interested and commit by a written agreement to the following principles:

– participate in the protection efforts of the native dark bee,
– honey produced is traceable to the dark bee colony, and
– the beekeeper (honey producer) has the right to use the Finnish “Hyvää Suomesta” (Produced in Finland) label, which guarantees honey origin and high quality.

Below is the list of Finnish beekeeping businesses and beekeepers, who are currently eligible to use the Black Bee Honey trademark under the association’s approval and supervision (status 1.7.2021):

  • HELSINKI HUNAJA, Helsinki & Tuusula
    Markku Pöyhönen
  • Jorma Taipaleenmäki, Kempele
  • Pietilän hunajatila, Naantali
    Pentti Pietilä
  • PROMESI, Helsinki
    Maaret Virtanen
  • Villilän Mehiläistarhat, Laitila
    Johanna and Sampsa Haijanen

In case you are interested in using the trademark, contact us by e-mail at The board of the association will discuss your request and approve your application in the following meeting, if you meet above-mentioned criteria for the use.